Oh Syria, Syria!

What have you done?

Murdering young citizens,

Women and children?

Armless, defenseless and helpless:

Pounding the city into rubbles

Turning it into ghost land.

Oh Syria!

Feeding fat on the blood of

The innocent, invading the land like

A stranger:

Oh Syria! Won’t peace reign?

Children in rubbles crying,

Helpless, others dead!

What have they done?


What buildest thou O Syria?

Have you not fed enough?

Won’t there be peace?

See the anguish of your children!

Wail, Syria! Mourn for your days

are numbered.

The end to wickedness!

Can’t you see the blood spill?

Women turned widows!

Children turned orphans!

With their blood wilt thou purchase


Whence art thine humanity?

The land cried while thou dine

And wine with thine allies!

Thou dines and wines whilst the

Land groans.


Be in solitude, hear the noise.

Not bleating of sheep but cries of

Anguish which thou unleash

On thine children as they wonder

What their crime was!

Syria is torn apart and the world

Look away.

The gluttonous leaders who are

Never satisfied. Constantly feast

On the blood of the innocent while

The world wine and dine and look away

As if nothing is happening!

Is this life?

Is this humanity?

Think! Think!! Think!!!

Oh Syria!


Caleb Zadok



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