Month: March 2017

The Lunguda People From Guyuk


Donald Trump bans six countries from entering US, excludes Iraq –

Donald Trump bans six countries from entering US, excludes Iraq 

           Donald Trump – President of the United States of America

President Donald Trump of the United States has signed a revised Immigration order which restricts citizens of six (6) countries from entering America.

Most of the countries banned were predominantly Muslim countries including;

Syria, Libya, Somalia, Iran, Yemen and Sudan. Continue reading “Donald Trump bans six countries from entering US, excludes Iraq –”

Where is our Humanity?

Hello out there, its been a while since you heard from me. As we journey toward the end of the year, here is a piece of advice. God bless you as you read with human heart.

 On the 5th of November 2015 I was on my way to Warri in Delta State from the city of Benin, on reaching Ring Road where I was to board a bus to Warri;  A busy place with so much people, transporters, and commuters travelling to different places; heading towards Bob Izua Park I saw a sight that caught my attention.


A man I spotted that could hardly get up! Nothing was left of him; he looked very sick and really needed help. From what I saw because I was not very far from him, urine was all over him, he defecated on his body with none to attend to him. People were walking passing him, whenever they come across him, they deviate and pass by the other side just like the proverbial story of the man that was attacked by bandits on his way to Jerusalem and the good Samaritan that Jesus gave. In the book of Luke 10:35.


On sighting that man, my heart went out to him but I was helpless! What should I do? What he needed at that time was not money; I could tell that even food could not help him much: He needed attention; he needed some love but could not find any in one of the busiest cities of Nigeria if you know Ring Road. I asked myself, where are these non – governmental organisations? Where are these people offering humanitarian services? Churches littered all over the place and Mosques, Preachers scattered all over the parks in a hurry to jump into any filled up bus to pray for the safety of the passengers and to later collect ‘seed’ and yet, this man was there with none to cater for.


The next day, 6th November 2015 early in the morning around 6 am there about, I was up again on my way to Warri. After arriving Ring Road, I decided to check the same spot where the man was. Guess what? I saw a sight that scared me! Right on that spot as early as 7am, there lies the man covered with clean white cloth. That couldn’t have been him covering himself I said to myself because it was too clean to belong to him. I proceeded with my journey anyway, I boarded a bus to Warri as usual; about 30 minutes later our bus was filled up so we took off, and passing the area again, I noticed that the white cloth was still there and what baffled me most was the fact that people were passing the spot everybody going about their normal businesses as if nothing had happened there. Throughout my journey to Warri that day the thought of that man kept hunting me. I kept asking myself, what could have happened?


The following Day 7th of November 2015, I was there again at the same spot neither the man nor the white cloth not even his rags were there, the place was swept clean. What happened there? The man was already dead! I had mixed feelings and reactions within me towards the man.


First, the thought of Lazarus and the Richman came to my mind. Secondly, I said to myself he is better off dead than that kind of life. The only thing left is between him and his God.


Where is our Humanity?


Have we suddenly become callous? Have we lost our feelings for fellow human beings or what? Or is it the end times that is fast telling on us? All these questions we need to ponder on and answer ourselves. But no matter what happens, we must not lose our humanity. Reach out to somebody in love. A little can make a difference. Love would have kept that man alive but he got none and he died. Please, reach out to somebody in love. Remember, tomorrow it could be you.

Never lose your humanity no matter what.


Caleb Zadok



Twitter: @ Caleb Zadok Adiga


Health they say is wealth. This saying is true! But how serious have we taken this issue of health? It has also been said, how you make your bed is how you lie on it.

How we value an issue determines how we handle it. Our health sector is at the verge of being destroyed and until the government takes a decisive action, it will be disastrous. No unhealthy nation can ever produce healthy citizens.


 Picture by: Medical Supply Worldwide

There was a time our health sector was working well. You just walk into a hospital and you will see how coordinated they were and how they will attend to you. Private hospitals were not an issue at all, and they were few. Drugs were available, services were rendered freely, and professionalism was valued. Everybody does his/her work well. Patriotism was at the forefront, but somewhere along the line we missed it. Continue reading



A lot of phones have flocked the market that sometimes you lack knowledge of which to buy or wonder if it is fake or original, also sometimes you are confronted with some issues that warrants showing your imei number of your phone because the imei number of your phone is your proof of ownership. I bet some don’t even know what Imei number is. Imei is an acronym for “International Mobile Equipment Identity,”it is used to identify your phone.  It should look like this:

So in case such problems stare you in the face, never to worry. I want to help you to with this problem. So this what to do: dial *#06# and the Imei number will display on your screen. To confirm whether  it is original, and anyone that starts with 35 is Original. Now try it on your phone and enjoy!