Caleb Zadok


Remember that word? Of course, for the older generation, but for the younger generation, only few or none at all have known what it is: or perhaps they have heard of it. I chose to bring these things to our remembrance because it has been said, “if you have no history, you have no future.” You must have been coming from somewhere before you know where you are going. Sadly, a lot of people find it very difficult to relate to history. History is among the beautiful things that ever happened to mankind. Why? Because it tells you where you are from, and where you are going.

Having said that, let us now look at our subject.

Gosoto is a Bachama word and is used among the young ones between teenage and adolescents. It is a season or period whereby the young ones contribute money, buy food stuff and cook their own food outside their homes. This is usually done during dry season; and they normally build their playing houses using cartons, sticks and in some cases, mud. These houses are prototypes of what we have in the homes. Usually, this is permitted by parents then because there were no high rates of immorality, everything was done on a playing bases and it ends there. But things have changed; no parent would permit that now unless they will be consenting to permissible immorality. Because this is a meeting of both boys and girls.

Factors that affected this important part of child growth:

  1. Moral decadence in our society. This had adversely affected that tradition among the young. The rate of immorality now is at very alarming rate hence, it is not possible for boys and girls to do that successfully now.
  2. Civilization: To a large extent, civilization has impacted on this that hardly any boy or girl would want to do this as there are other things that can occupy the minds of young ones such as going to school, involvement in social media etc.
  3. Economic Challenges: This also is a vital factor that greatly impacted on this aspect of growing up. Those days, things were very cheap and affordable, but now that the high cost of living is on the rise, no one will want to do that.

There may be other factors, but I decided to mention just three (3) and most importantly the aim of this write up is to remind us of those days and also to leave a record for our young ones to know that we used to live like this. It was always fun doing it. We saw it then as part of transition from childhood to adulthood.


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