Caleb Zadok


Fwakato is an interesting word! This activity is done mainly by young ladies, i.e. young girls. Though the elderly does it but unless if there are special occasions.

The young girls would arrange themselves in a line and will be singing while one or more will be in the middle jumping and throwing themselves at them and they too will be throwing her up. At times they will be mentioning names of boys they admire in their songs (In most cases the admiration ends there). This also, is part of transition from being a young girl to being a woman.

They can do this either in the day or in the night depending on the mood or circumstance; but it was mostly done in the night, and at times in sandy area or around the riverside especially under the moonlight.

Unfortunately, just like any other, this has faded away and sadly, the young ones both born and unborn may not or never know about this part of culture not to talk of having a taste of it unless something is done about it.


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