Bachama Traditional Soup

I am pleased to write about the Bachama traditional soup for those who care and want to know. We have varities of soup and the recipes but at the moment we will concentrate on the soup varities.
The following are the varities:
1. Bamta
2. Bukutei
3. Bakowei
4. Mbwale
5. Su Kodomye
6. Supo Mbudye
7. Kwaa Halbe
8. Kwa a waato
9. Kwaa Bawei
10. Mgbamiye
11. Bawei
12. Vaki Lufato
13. Jibi Gboto
14. Lerei
15. Nzo Mbwaloto
16. Guroto
17. Zwalzwale
18. Belemito
19. Bauto
20. Nzu Kedeto
21. Nzo Mutto

more Still to come…


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