Cultural Heritage

Dwaa Mbwara

Hello, I would like to introduce to you the Dwaa Mbwara (Traditional) pot the Bachama or Bwatiye women use for decoration in their homes. It is expected that every full-grown woman getting married, goes to her new home with this pot for decoration and this symbolize womanhood. This same (Dwaa Mbwara) has been playing a lot in the Bachama tradition. Isn’t it beautiful? No Bachama woman ever goes to her husband‘s house without taking this along with her. It is used to beautify the house with it.

One amazing thing about the Dwaa Mbwara is that, in the event a woman has a problem with her husband and eventually packed out of her husband’s house, she has to leave the Dwaa Mbwara in the house. Carrying the pot means the end of the marriage. The calabashes on top of the pot are also used for decoration. From time to time they are cleaned and oiled in order to make it shiny. Most at times depending on the choice of even the husband, the pot could be more than one and are placed in strategic places around the house where they can be safe.

This is one of the beauty of our culture. We so much believe in the arts of decoration and other things that is why you could see that the calabashes are also decorated with several designs.
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